The Beginning

Back in April 2011 when I first started blogging about our campervan I started the blog over on Posterous.  I'm not about to write it all again on Blogger so I've listed below links to each post, starting with the very first one to make it easy for you to get the background if you're new to the blog.

A WV Campervan was born
Looking through the windows
The Planning Stage
Fibreglass Campervan Roof
The Essentials
The Incredible Sulk
Our Maiden Voyage through Wales - The Big Country
The Mysterious Leak
Conwy Touring Caravan Park
Cycling around Great Orme
Officially a Motorhome

Unfortunately Posterous, where these pages resided announced to me by email today 30 April 2013 that Posterous would close on 30 April 2013.  I had just a couple of hours notice that this would be happening. If you click on any of the links at the moment it will lead you to nowhere. I need to see if I can somehow resurrect these posts somewhere else. Thanks Posterous, sending me an email advising me that you're closing the site down on the day you're closing it down isn't really helpful.